How to plan an effective social media strategy to increase engagement

How to stay relevant and sensitive during a global pandemic

How, and when to boost posts to expand your reach

Top tips for setting up paid ads on Facebook

How much you should be spending on social media advertising

Plus, we'll share which tools will help save you time and money!

Soulpepper will be hosting a Digital Marketing Webinar specifically for law firms.  

As it is business unusual these days, all firms must learn that this is not the season to be silent, it is the season to communicate and add value. Join us as we dig deeper to understand the impact a strong social media presence will have on the success of your firm during these unprecedented times.  

You will learn:

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Lucas Socio
Account Director Soulpepper

Over the past 10 years, Lucas’s work in marketing has taken on many forms as a former photographer, entrepreneur, in-house expert, and digital marketing consultant.  He now brings a strategic, holistic approach to his clients, based on hands-on experience in print, social media, paid search, and SEO 

Introducing Our New Guest Speaker! 

Jeff Sklarin  
Agency Account Strategist - Google  

A Mountain View, California native and currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jeff has five years of digital marketing experience working with advertisers to help scale their businesses. He has spent his last two years working with the fastest growing agencies in Canada to help ensure their clients' success with Google.  


Tuesday, May 5th
11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time

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Webinar Details

Soulpepper will be hosting an Online Marketing Webinar exclusively for law firms.

This is the third webinar in our series, "The New Normal" - all about helping your business survive Covid-19 with a solid online presence. 

Businesses across the world are having to adapt their practice to a new virtual reality. This webinar series will address the tangible actions law firms can do at this moment to solidify their brand online, ensure they're found by potential clients, and continue to communicate with new leads. 

Platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter serve a dual purpose as both a valuable communication tool, as well as an alternative advertising platform. 

In this webinar, Lucas Socio, Account Director at Soulpepper, will share key strategies on how law firms can revamp and capitalize on their social media strategies to thoughtfully engage with both current and prospective clients. 

Webinar Time

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020
11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time

Soulpepper Legal Marketing is a digital marketing agency that focuses on helping law practitioners get more customers through online marketing .

Soulpepper is a certified Premier Google Partner, meaning they have been trained and certified by Google. The partnership provides the agency with a wealth of resources as well as the latest in product knowledge, tools and insights that are specifically designed to help your business with its latest marketing campaigns.

soulpepper presents 

Social Media Strategies for Law Firms

Building a plan to retain clients and attract leads during COVID-19