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  • linkedin ads

LinkedIn Ads: All You Need to Know

If you’ve been reading this past month's blog posts, you would be pretty well versed in social media ad creation now. But LinkedIn is a little different. The wording and tone you should be [...]

  • instagram for law firms

How to Use Instagram for Your Law Firm

At one point or another, we’ve all been guilty of finding ourselves scrolling through Instagram’s feed. With over one billion people using Instagram every month, it’s a no-brainer that this platform holds a lot [...]

  • tips for facebook ads

Facebook Ads: 4 Tips for Creating the Best Ads

With an average of more than 1.45 billion active users per day, as well as very specific audience targeting functionalities, Facebook is noteworthy for being one of the best ad targeting sites.   That is… [...]

  • how to write a google ad

How to Write an Effective Ad for Google

First things first: Google Ads are great if you know who you’re targeting. They are effective in getting and measuring leads and sales, but it does require ongoing investment. However, if you’re trying to [...]

  • keywords research | soulpepper legal marketing | digital marketing seo

Keywords that Convert to Paid Customers

Which of these searches do you think would have higher intent to convert to a lead?  If you guessed the latter, you are correct. The likelihood of the person searching for “Vancouver Family Law [...]

  • seo guise | law firm marketing | soulpepper digital marketing

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Understanding SEO

This week’s blog post is a SEO Guide summarizing an educational SEO Webinar led by Soulpepper’s Digital Marketing Director, Mahan. Mahan’s skills and qualifications have been built from working in the digital marketing [...]

  • law firm marketing using seo

What is SEO & How It Can Help Improve Your Law Firm

Ahh yes, SEO, the hottest topic in the digital marketing world and the most thrown around acronym in terms of marketing jargon. But what exactly is SEO? SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, [...]

  • Woman watching her phone - Lawyer Marketing

A Social Media Marketing Guide for Your Law Firm

Law firms looking for ways to get more high-quality traffic to their websites should consider marketing on social media. Social media marketing can provide law firms with a great opportunity to connect with existing [...]

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